Friday, June 22, 2007 The school board continues to attract many reactions.

Friday, June 22, 2007 The school board continues to attract many reactions. We just read a good story about the great "transfer window" of Parisian high schools in Le Figaro. The article describes is a "allocation committee of students in high school," bringing together all the principals of the capital. We see school leaders choosing students "outside area" they can accommodate in Second. Beyond the priority criteria (disabilities, medical records, scholarships), it is the level of students is essential. The article also shows that some schools seem to have deemed developed parallel recruitment systems. Clearly, school leaders directly contacted by zealous or recommended parents have already agreed several weeks before the commission and arrive with their listing under the arm. The most discussed topic in the newspapers it is always the university reform. The bill is to be presented today to the unions and the presidents of faculties, we remind Liberation. And the reactions are still very vivid. Humanity is trying to synthesize all these criticisms. It may be noted also that it’s not as trade unions or students but also university presidents. Indeed, the Conference of University Presidents (CPU) expressed Wednesday "very reserved" on the reform, which it particular challenges the optionality that risk, she says, aggravate inequalities between facs. Given the scale of protests, Valerie Pecresse said Friday that if "everything can be taken of the wishes expressed because the text that was developed door consistency, a comprehensive strategy that matches the commitments of President of the Republic "of" consensual changes "remain possible. However, these statements do not seem sufficient and unions, following the roundtable believe that the minister has "no flexibility". If the will of "forced passage" summer is maintained, it may have a pretty hot back … Good Reading … ——————- ————————— Liberation 22/06/07 Universities: difficult subject for the first review of Pecresse the bill must be today presented to the unions and the presidents of faculties. Read more of the article CNRS researchers worried Coup Calgon last night at the CNRS. A "source of very high level," said a union of SNCS / FSU them suggests that we think of the top of the state to a statutory big bang. All CNRS researchers would soon "be donated to universities," according to their mysterious interlocutor, but "very senior". A decision in line with the alarming information given at the last board of the CNRS by its CEO, Arnold Migus: zero creative research position in 2008. Read more of the article Immigration-nation uproar on Ministry in a petition, eight historians protest against the title of Hortefeux portfolio. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 22/06/07 school mapping: the large "transfer window" discreet Parisian high schools principals meeting yesterday rector of Paris. Objective: To choose the best students back 2007. More Article ——————————– ———– Humanity of 21/06/07 (a day late) Universities: the forced march to autonomy means increased only for the institutions choosing independence, entry selection the Master … the government unveiled its express the upper reform. Read more of the article Aix-Marseille University prepares its mega The announced merger of three local universities concerned. Students fear "a gasworks’ personal fear downsizing and the American system. Read more of the article Trade unions: from skepticism to anger immediately known, the bill has been almost unanimous sling. Read more of the article CIPF against the "sorting students’ school chart. in Paris, the parents’ association denounces desectorisation colleges. Read more of the article for Royal still As she had said during his presidential campaign, Segolene Royal expressed support for university autonomy proposed by the Fillon government. Read more of the article "This text is worse than the status quo" For the president of the UNEF, Bruno Julliard, the bill strengthens across the university: omnipotence presidents and inequalities between schools. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien on 22/06/07 (paying) They miss school for spinning earlier "bled" While Suna, 12, relishes the Algerian sun and throws a head in Mediterranean, classmates, … Read more Article 25% of students at least in some colleges There are those who, from the Maghreb, black Africa, Portugal and the West Indies have already joined for … Read More Article ————————————- ———– the Cross of Nothing seen … 22/06/07 ————————– ———————– 20 minutes from 22/06/07 seniors are smarter seniors have a higher IQ than 2.3 points their younger, according to a Norwegian study published Thursday in the journal "Science and intelligence." Professor Petter Kristensen and colleagues at the University of Oslo studied the military records of 240,000 Norwegians before arriving at these conclusions. Read more of the article Three-quarters of illiterate speak only French national agency to fight against illiteracy (ANLCI) announced Thursday a document showing that three-quarters of illiterates come from homes where no one speak French, contrary to popular belief linking immigration and illiteracy, said its president, Marie-Therese Geoffroy. Read more of the article illiteracy, an invisible and unknown scourge Figures to understand illiteracy. The National Agency for fight against illiteracy (Ancli) has decoded yesterday at a forum held in Lyon, data collected by INSEE on this invisible scourge, which affects 3.1 million French people aged 18 to 65 years. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Metro (Paris) from 22/06/07 Nothing seen … —————————– ——————- 22/06/07 Rue89 of elders (well, um, have) larger IQ IQ seniors tend to be a little higher than their younger siblings, according to a large study (but highly questionable, in my view cadet!) today published Friday by the "Science" magazine. Read more of the article Juvenile prisons: the risk of climbing Opening Prisons for minors (EPM) could be an incentive to incarcerate more. Read more of the article Place the tray in the time of yeyes In the 60s, the recalibrated to punt were many more … but parents could challenge the results. The first year of college, she was called propaedeutics. An era. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– West of France 22/06/07 35 000 civil servants less in 2008 Budget Minister confirmed yesterday Nicolas Sarkozy’s commitment. Half of officials who retire will not be replaced. Read more of the article This summer, my son left for the first time in colo! Like all first times, fear of the unknown arises. On the side of the child, of course, but the parents’ side too! How to prepare the separation? Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 23/06/07 Mali: an essay on "the mistress of the president" leads a teacher and five journalists in jail five journalists and a teacher were arrested and jailed last week in Mali "offense and complicity in offending the head of state", denounced, Thursday, June 21, protesters in Bamako, and Reporters without borders (RSF). "Mali, hailed as an exemplary democracy in Africa, takes the banal face of an authoritarian republic, crippled by taboos and dangerous for those who would show irreverent against a head of state untouchable" laments the association, which defends freedom of press. They are being prosecuted for an article published on June 1 by the private daily Info-Matin, entitled "The mistress of the president." A title that took up that of a literary exercise subject to a class of a high school in Bamako, the students were instructed to summarize and comment on a text on "a student (Dily) economic prostitute" who "finds himself in a his carnal escapades into the clutches of the president until pregnancy ensues, "and fought – successfully – for the unborn child to be recognized. The head of the state in question is never named, if only as a "Don Juan". Read more of the article Two hundred personalities against the Ministry of Immigration and National Identity Nearly two hundred academics, intellectuals and artists, French or foreign, denounced in a petition published Friday June 22 by Liberation the "confusion of roles and functions" created, they say, by the title given to the "Ministry of immigration, national identity and co-development". The combination of the first two terms, especially shocking. "This merger worries us because it can only reinforce the negative prejudices against immigrants," write the authors of the text, the eight researchers who resigned May 18 the leadership of the history committee of the National City the history of immigration. For them, the creation of this ministry, whose portfolio is held by Brice Hortefeux, is a "founding act" of the Sarkozy presidency, such as to "register as immigration ‘problem’ for France and the French in their ‘ be ‘the same’. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 22/06/07 Bruno Julliard Sarkozy runs "the risk of a new confrontation" in a letter to the head of state, the president of the UNEF warns that "the risk of a new confrontation between young and the government ineluctably profile "if the text on the autonomy of universities is not amended. Read more of the article —————————————- Express .fr 22/06/07 universities: difficult mission Pecresse Minister for higher Education Valerie Pecresse today presents its draft law on university autonomy to unions and faculty chairs. A project that has already attracted an outcry. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- a selection in dispatches of 22/06/07 Reform universities Pecresse defends his text, leaving an open door Valerie Pecresse defended Friday in Paris to the community university his proposed reform of universities as corresponding to the "commitments of the President" while admitting that "consensual changes" were possible. Read more of the article racist Insults: teacher, headmaster and students questioned by police A professor sued history homework help websites
by the father of a student for racist and the headmaster of the establishment have been heard by the police, which should also shortly examine student representatives, are we learned Friday from corroborating sources. Read more of the article Darcos wants to "strengthen the cultural and arts education in school" The Minister of Education Xavier Darcos announced Thursday his intention to "strengthen the place of cultural and artistic education at school ", during a visit to the College Jean Lurcat Sarcelles (Val-d’Oise) classified" ambition success ". Read more of the article FSU request membership in the International Trade Union Confederation FSU, the main union of public service of the State, has applied for membership of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), following a favorable vote of its union, she said Thursday in a statement. Read more of the article Reform universities Pecresse has "no flexibility" (unions) Student unions and workers as well as university presidents came out disappointed Friday from the roundtable consultations of balance Valerie Pecresse, holding that the Minister had "no leeway" to amend the bill on autonomy. Read more of the article University: PS deputies undertake consultation "next week" (Claeys) Alain Claeys, PS responsible for research, announced Thursday that the Socialist deputies would commit "next week" consultation with "all academic partners "on the reform of the University, calling the right to avoid" undue haste "in this folder. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- Posted by Watrelot on Friday, June 22, 2007

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